May 7th, 2014



My Ukrainian grandfather never threw anything away. Coming from his war-torn homeland in the 1950’s he was no stranger to having to cope with a scarcity of resources. The result was that he loved to hold onto things, just in case they came in useful in the future! They invariably did and he learnt how to make the most of objects ‘lying around’ the houses, although his decision-making was a little off from time to time. There was the piano that he chopped up for firewood in the 1960’s – imagine how much kindling could have been funded from the sale of a functioning musical instrument.


This probably explains why I’ve grown tired of the hoarding lifestyle passed down through my family’s generations. The stuff my mother keeps in her kitchen draws blows my mind and I better not explain what my auntie keeps in her spare room. For me, holding onto things from the past was a way of hoarding junk and clutter but then I encounter Eclectic Avenue.

Eclectic Avenue introduced me to the idea that one man’s tat is a girl’s best friend. Breathing new life into old objects suddenly seems exciting. Everybody wants to find those personal touches to have at their wedding and by re-purposing vintage and retro objects, embracing their individuality and including them at your wedding you’ll add excitement to the day, your guests will swoon after the stunning, alternative, bouquets and fall in love with the styling brought to the occasion.

Eclectic Avenue’s wedding styling and creations really are magical, and just like a great magician it’s hard to understand how they achieve it. You might think that you can copy their styling with a similar effect but believe me you won’t be able to. You might think that you could find the typewriter or suitcase in the pictures below but they jus won’t look the same, trust me I’ve tried.


 Images by Eclectic Avenue