February 2nd, 2016

Leap year proposal

For one day only, women can propose to their boyfriends, on the 29th February each leap year. Surely this falls into the camp of everyday sexism, right?

So later this month, the 29th February will be upon us again and women are permitted to propose to their boyfriends. A single day which falls once every four years, delaying the arrival of March by 24 hours comes to the rescue of all the single ladies, all the single ladies wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh. Don’t fear because 29th Feb is a great opportunity for the girls to propose to the boys.

WHAT, wait, hang on a minute!? Weddings are shrouded in out-dated traditions that just keep rumbling on and yes a lot of them are actually a bit sexist, only the men give speeches blah, blah, etc and all that. But if you stop for one second you’ll realise the underling sexism all starts with the proposal, why exactly is it that the man gets all the glory? It’s not as if he has much else to do with the wedding planning – he gets down on one-knee during a mini break in Rome, his next involvement is making a toast at the wedding to a rapturous applause from your friends and family, none of whom would be present without the bride’s organisational skills.

So despite the fact that women proposing on the 29th in a leap year makes a great news story in a local news rag, don’t do it. That’s to say, don’t just do it on the 29th February, do it any time you like. It’s 2016 and if a girl wants to propose to her guy then she should just go for it, propose but don’t feel that you have to wait for the briefest window once every four years.

He can still buy the ring though.