December 10th, 2014

social media wedmin


Now that you’re engaged you will start googling terms like ‘wedding planning’ or ‘wedding inspiration’ to start compiling your wish list. One of the first things that you’ll be advised to do by a checklists website is to get a wedding folder. Lets get real – the first thing you should do is create your own hashtag to start categorising your pins on Pinterest and sharing ideas on Instagram.


Don’t get me wrong a wedding binder is nice but so too is an antique camera, but you’re not going to ask your wedding photographer to turn up with his 1950’s Russian snapper are you.




Dispense with the antiquated ideas folder, go paperless and follow the Off To Wed social media guide to planning a wedding.




Pinterest is a must for any future bride looking for ideas about how to plan a unique wedding. It’s littered with thousands of stunning images for you to take inspiration from. You can also start to catalogue ideas that you like, creating an online wedding binder of sorts.




The micro blogging site is heavily used by wedding professionals and if you start talking about weddings, using the obvious hashtags such as #engaged and #wedmin then you might discover that vendors start finding you.


Try it for yourself. Tweet using our hastag, #OffToWed – write ‘find me a’ and the service you’re looking for, #flowers, #photography etc, which city you’re in and see what happens.




Creating your own website is a way to share details about your wedding. From the mundane (yet useful) directions to the church, to the more exciting, gift list and menu choices. There are lots of solutions just Google ‘wedding website’.




Instagram is another fantastic way to tune into the wedding community by following users and hashtags relevant to your wedding wants. You can use Insatgram to share ideas with your photographer and videographer by using hashtags to share your wedding inspiration.




Tumblr is the cool kid in town, check it out peoples lookbooks and multimedia content. It’s a really varied place for inspiration.




Not just limited to search or even Google+, Google is an absolute trove of a wedding resource. There isn’t much more to say other than all of the above, find vendors, create a website and the rest – have a look for yourself at Google Wedding.




Finally, if you want to catalogue ideas across multiple social networks then create a hashtag. You can share the hashtag with friends and family for them to share their wedding finds with you. The hashtag isn’t limited to the wedding planning it can be used on the actual wedding day for guests to share their own pictures.


And one day in the not too distant future, your grand kids will check out the hashtag rather than looking through your dusty old wedding album.