June 26th, 2015

Commercial Hotel Weddings-1

At the risk of sounding like a wedding hipster I have to say it – some hotels are just too commercial.

It really is difficult not to sound pretentious when saying stuff like that but it’s true. There are so many wedding venues out there that it can be difficult to find the right one, hotels often appear quite high up that list of potential venues but be careful about picking one of the mainstream branded hotels out there. It’s not that they’re so commercial that they aren’t cool enough to host your wedding it’s just that they don’t always care about your wedding.

Of course this isn’t true of all of the big hotel chains and don’t forget that the individual manager of each hotel might have different motivations, but to generalise, a lot of the more commercial hotels are driven purely by sales. The bottom line is important in any business and that’s what wedding suppliers are, businesses. Wedding businesses are run by people that need to put food on the table but the difference with some of the more corporate venture like the hotels is that they’re all about conferences, in the week and weddings at the weekend and they’re concerned about turning around the rooms and moving guests through the doors, it becomes much more transactional.

And that’s why I worry that some of the commercial hotels don’t have that personal touch. Unlike the photographer that wants to create stunning images with you, the wedding band that just love to play and the vintage accessory obsessive who all have the passion for creating a perfect wedding.

Commercial Hotel Weddings-2

The independent venues, or less commercial hotels often recruit more passionate staff that will care about your wedding. And sometimes more competent staff. The reason for this blog post is because of a wedding I visited last weekend – yes it was held at a commercial venue and the thing that struck me most was the lack of organisation. There was very little signage but the worst thing of all was that the wedding co-ordinator kept disappearing and everything ran dramatically behind schedule. The doors to the wedding breakfast were opened an hour later than planned and between this meal and the evening entertainment, it seemed to take the staff an age to prepare the room. Because of the rain and the lack of space (due to the staff leisurely converting one room from a dining room to a dance floor) people were at on the floor of the lobby and bar area.

Things like this can take some of the fun out of the wedding for your guests, which can have an impact on you. So be very careful when choosing tour wedding venue, just because the corporate branded hotel can offer you a cheaper ‘package deal’, you get what you pay for so be careful.