April 29th, 2015

Father of the bride speech-2

Brides put a shift in when it comes to researching and preparing for their wedding. The groom will do his bit, probably not as much as the bride, ‘bit’ being the operative word. The father of the bride on the other hand probably won’t get too involved apart from writing the odd cheque here or there but he might need a little help when it comes to writing his speech so you should probably share this blog post with him.

When it comes to writing the speech the father of the bride is the first to speak, eek! The best man has top billing, with the jokes and tall tales, the groom speech is a cross between a eulogy and a postman as he praises his bride and hands out gifts and flowers to say thank you to friends and family. The father of the bride, F.O.B is exactly that, fobbed off with the warm up slot. But this speech is much more than that and actually the perfect introduction to the love and emotion shared by the newly weds. What makes this speech so special is that it doesn’t need to be funny, all it needs to be is honest.




  • Don’t compete with the best man: The best man speech is always highly anticipated but don’t feel like you need to compete. Just because the groom’s best mate is going to give him a public roasting it doesn’t mean you have to publicly embarrass your daughter.
  • Don’t be too honest: You might be an over-protective father and no man is ever going to be good enough for your little girl. Don’t take this opportunity to wax lyrical about the groom’s shortcomings.
  • Don’t get side tracked: Try to avoid going off track by talking about how beautiful or successful your other children are. You’re here to talk about one of your children and to avoid rekindling any sibling rivalries stay focused on the child getting married.
  • Don’t go overboard: Everybody knows that you love your daughter but try not to go crazy about all of her achievements. Of course you’re proud but the wedding guests don’t need to know about all of the bride’s swimming badges or school reports.
  • Don’t be scared: Nobody is judging you. You have a room full of people looking forward to hearing about your darling daughter and her marriage to the love of her life.


Father of the bride speech-1



  • Introduce yourself: After walking the bride down the aisle most people will have guessed who you are by now but it’s good manners and it helps warm you up. If you’re nervous about making a mistake, surely you can’t get your name wrong and it will get you in the swing of talking into the mic.
  • Thank the guests: Again, this is another formality and an easy way to keep you warmed up.
  • Talk about the bride: This is the main attraction, sing your daughter praises. I know that I have warned about going overboard about the detail but tell the room of your pride for your daughter’s achievements with an example that exemplifies her character.
  • Welcome your son in law: You’ve just inherited a son in law, a man that loves your daughter as much as you do so welcome him to the family. Recalling a story about an early meeting is usually a winner here.
  • Toast the newly weds: Conclude the speech by toasting the new Mr & Mrs, wishing them luck for the future.


See that was easy. Now all you need to do is get on with writing it down.