January 29th, 2015

Rule of the stag-9068

Nobody wants a bossy or ‘nagging’ wife, especially before the wedding has even taken place but I do believe the bride is entitled to some basic requests for the stag weekend, such as; don’t come home with a scar, tattoo or any other long lasting disfigurements. Apart from that do you think you need to set out a detailed list of rules for the groom to follow?

‘What goes on tour stays on tour’, right!? Not anymore, mobile phones and social media have put an end to that stag law, plus the boys are so exciting on the stag reunion (your wedding) that they can’t wait to reminisce that somebody invariably spills the beans.

There isn’t actually anything to worry about and definitely don’t become one of those jealous partners, constantly phoning to check that your man isn’t injured, isn’t spending too much money, isn’t with another woman. He might get a little sick rather than injured, hopefully there will be a kitty paying for his drinks and he’s engaged to you because he loves you which means he isn’t going to stray on his stag do, it’s not the 70’s anymore.

Just remember if you set too many rules for the stag party then you might have a few unwanted rules coming your way for the hen weekend. Besides what could go wrong…