June 15th, 2016

Geeky Wedding Photographers

Forget about all the lenses and other photographic gear, it doesn’t matter. It’s the wedding photographs that count. There are so many anoraks out there with cameras that you need to really shop around to find a good one.


Think back to your days at school and you’ll remember that there were three types of people – cool kids, normal kids and geeks. Wedding photographers fall into these three categories too and I’m here to advise you to avoid the geeks. Don’t call them names, don’t steal their dinner money but much like you school days do try and avoid eye contact with them. When booking a wedding photographer you should avoid the photography geeks who have got more equipment than they need, and very little in the way of creativity.


The Photography Geek

This is the bride and grooms is the wedding photographer that is all about the equipment, obsessed with long lenses and can talk about the names models and serial number this is your archetypal ‘all the gear no idea’. To be fair to the photography geek, he or she will probably do an adequate job. Everything will be in focus and follow traditional photographic conventions. If you want cheap and safe then the geek will deliver, the only problem is you’ll probably get bored of your own wedding pictures quite quickly.


The Normal

This is a broad term that really refers to the group of wedding photographers doing a great job turning out wedding images that brides and grooms are very happy with. Unlike the geeky wedding photographer, the normal girl or guy will have charisma which means they’ll fit in quite comfortably at the wedding. They’ll be well dressed (not wearing a polo shirt emblazed with their own logo) and their images will be edited to the current photography styles. If you like the images on their website then you’ll be happy with their end product as they’re usually pretty consistent.


The Cool Photographer

There is no such thing as cool. However, what I mean by the ‘cool wedding photographer’ is the sort of person that will produce images that will make you say, “wow, they’re really cool” when you see them. This doesn’t mean that the cool photographer should be a hipster or an aloof creative. The cool wedding photographer is the one that strives to create interesting photographs. He or she will strive to create a little bit of magic for you.


So my advice for your is to find a cool photographer, who’s images will stand the test of time. Someone who is more interested in creating beautiful images than the lens it was shot through. You won’t be disappointed.

Phot geeks

Photo Credits: Jeff Hopper & Tyler Pruitt Unsplash