January 12th, 2015

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Having set the wedding budget you might be looking for ways to reduce some of the non-essentials. Sounds like DIY wedding time – how to make your own sweet cart.


If there weren’t enough things to worry about when planning for your wedding, favours, flowers, entertainment, and the rest. Throw a sweet cart into the mix and there you have something else added to the wedmin list.


I don’t know where the idea came from but it certainly has caught on. As you might expect I attended a lot of weddings last year and large percentage featured sweet carts – brides and grooms high on love, higher on e-numbers surrounded by manic kids with purple and green lips bouncing across the dance floor. It certainly is something to think twice about. Do you want to over excite the younger guests with these sugar hits?


I understand the appeal, there’s a sense of nostalgia about cola cubes, pear drops and midget gems wrapped up in a paper bag that will get your guests excited. And I’m sure the kids will eventually exhaust themselves.


If you are thinking about ways to reduce your wedding costs then the sweet cart might be a good place to look. You don’t have to get rid of it entirely, just do it yourself, how hard can it be!


What do you need to make your own sweet cart at your wedding? Here’s the Off To Wed six point guide.




The first thing you’ll need are the sweets, a simple Google search will solve that. Just type in online sweet shop for a list as long as a liquorice lace.



Easy peasy, lemon bonbon squeezy. You’ll find a host of options at Not on the High Street, with all sorts of patterns, from spots and stripes to illustrated designs.



Nobody wants to have stick fingers at their wedding so you better get yourself a scoop – ebay should be good for that.



A lot of the mobile sweet shop suppliers turn up with a wooden wagon to display their wares. This isn’t doesn’t have the right cost cutting DIY vibe so maybe opt for a sign instead. Etsy have got a selection for you to take your pick (and mix).



Again with the wooden cart out of the reckoning, you’re going to have to look for a place to store your sweet treats. By the end of the night the carpet will have its fair share of penny chews trampled into it, however, you might consider displaying the sweet buffet on higher ground than the floor. I’m sure the venue can lend you a table.



Finally, you will need a vessel to host your goodies. Check out the jars and tins sections of any home ware shops such as Ikea for this finishing touch.

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Photos by Paul Tschornow 


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