May 7th, 2014



What is a flash mob? A flash mob is a spontaneous performance by a group of people in a public place, usually a song & dance routine. Whether or not you’re familiar with the coined expression, it’s likely that you have come across a flash mob at some point. They’re used to enhance events and festivals and they’ve famously been employed as marketing strategies for brands such as Trident and T-Mobile.

Next question. What’s a flash mob wedding? It’s another way to try and make your wedding day that little bit different. A wedding has so many formal traditions that there are very few surprises left – until the flash mob wedding!

Flash mob proposals have become increasingly popular. The (confident that she’ll say yes) groom-to-be hires a cast of actors, singers and dancers to help make a memorable marriage proposal. And now flash mobs have become a popular part of the wedding. Admittedly there is a time and place and the song choice is crucial. If a cast of actors hidden among the church congregation suddenly belt out the chorus to the Pussycat Dolls, ‘Don’t Cha’ a few eyebrows might be raised.

A more common time to perform a flash mob is during the wedding reception. Either by enlisting a number of guests or by taking a more professional approach – the only problem being, how do you sneak a bunch of strangers into a wedding without them being spotted? Waiters make for the best cover, check out the surprise and excitement of these wedding guests as the waiters suddenly break into song during the speeches.

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Images by Mark Leonard