October 6th, 2016


Suzanne Neville’s 2017 Portrait Collection marks her 25th anniversary in business. One look at these designs and it’s easy to see why she’s been so successful – another amazing collection.

This is the biggest collection Suzanne Neville has designed with more than 40 designs there’s something for so many different brides, which is something that was recognised by Suzanne who realises that the girls buying her dresses all want something different. That must make it much more exciting for a designer, to see how brides react to each of the different creations. You would think that it would also be an exhausting process because of the amount of time and emotion invested into creating so many wonderful gowns too. But it isn’t. Despite the time invested in to designing exquisite embroidery or her creations Suzanne said that she could have created even more, that just goes to show how much passion there is to make you look beautiful on your wedding day.

suzane-neville-bridalwear bridalcouture-angelico-2-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville bridalcouture-angelico-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville-1 bridalcouture-belle-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville bridalcouture-miro-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville-1 bridalcouture-pagani-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville bridalcouture-monet-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville bridalcouture-rembrandt-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville bridalcouture-theodore-portrait-collection-2017-by-suzanne-neville-1


Suzanne Neville London – Portrait Collection 2017 from HandCraft Pictures on Vimeo.