August 4th, 2015

It's all about the bride

Just a short post to remind everybody out there that a wedding is all about the bride. Yea, yea it takes more than a bride to get married, you need a groom too but don’t worry about him, the wedding day belongs to the bride.

So with that in mind I’ve got to ask what the hell is up with that Michael Jackson inspired groom dance that just I watched on YouTube!? You’ve probably seen the video that I’m talking about. It was posted 4 years ago, you know the one where the groom breaks into a routine to surprise his bride, and (presumably) to impress his guests. The music starts to play, the groom starts to groove, then his groomsmen join in, swiftly followed by a couple of bridesmaids who together perform a routine to a Jackson classic.

Well done those five people for learning the moves to the moves of a wacky American singer. But they do more than ‘kind of’ steal the show, they completely steamroll in and hijack the glory. At one point the bride joins in but it’s clear that this fella is finishing his routine no matter what.

So my advice to any grooms out there thinking about putting on a show – don’t. The day is about the bride so don’t steal her thunder. Watch this video and take my advice, whatever you do, don’t try this at home kids. It’s not smooth, it’s just criminal.