January 19th, 2015

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Vintage hunters ahoy, there’s an alternative to buying a wedding dress off the peg. The obvious choice is to have an individual dress made for you – or you can alter customize or adjust a pre-loved’ wedding dress.


Vintage and pre-owned wedding dress customisation has become a fashionable and affordable alternative to the designer boutique option. A number of brides that have been unable to find the gown they’re looking for, turning to thrift shop hunting to find a designer dress without the designer cost attached.


Don’t forget, these designer wedding dresses aren’t second-hand they’re pre-loved and they’ve only been worn once! They might well have picked up some marks, after all a wedding is a party and drinks get spilled at parties. A professional cleaner will remove most marks but make sure the stains aren’t too engrained in the fabric.


Once you’ve found the dress, you’re going to need it altered and you might even want to customise it slightly. This shouldn’t be a utilitarian process – it’s your wedding dress that we’re talking about here, you should enjoy the same pleasure of trying on the dress as you would at the boutiques. When choosing a dressmaker to craft your wedding attire, try to find somebody who’s personal skills match their ability with the needle and thread.


There are plenty of dressmakers out there and finding the right one for you is a two stage process. Once you’ve seen their work, speak to them, arrange a phone call and a consultation to make sure that they understand your ideas and you get along.


Having met Angela Hyde Couture Off To Wed has asked her to join us at the Off To Wed live event at the Folly Farm on the 1 March to share her expertise. The reason we like Angela is because she has that personal touch, and in addition to being a lovely woman she knows her way around a sewing machine. With a genuine passion for dressmaking, from creating bespoke gowns to customising and altering existing frocks she specialises in vintage and historical designs so if you decide to raid granny’s attic she can probably help.


Main photograph (above) by Kernow Dream Photography