December 10th, 2015

Unplugged Weddings Suck-1461

Hold up, those bridezillas are at it again, or as I like to call them – the uptight maniacs. They’ve got their garters in a twist and this time they’ve recruited help from the wedding photographers in an attempt to ban people from taking pictures at their wedding, an unplugged wedding.

This business about photographers getting annoyed with the guests taking pictures at weddings has been rumbling along for a while now but all of a sudden it’s gained momentum. Started by photographers grumbling about wedding guests getting in the way of their shots, they managed to get under the skin of brides until this whole unplugged wedding malarkey took off.

So first of all what is an unplugged wedding? Well, it’s essentially a tech free wedding, guests aren’t allowed to crack out their phones, cameras or other devices during the wedding.

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What’s the point? It’s supposed to create a distraction free day, where all eyes are on the bride and groom rather than viewing the day through a screen. Guests don’t get in the way of the photographer’s shot and the wedding photographs don’t appear on Facebook before the bride and groom have even seen them. In fairness that sounds perfectly reasonable but in practice it’s unmanageable and unrealistic.

Unless you’re a celebrity big shot that’s sold the exclusive rights to Hello Magazine you’re not really going to have the resources to police your guests to ensure that they don’t crack out their iPhones during the wedding. Also, taking pictures is part of the fun for the guests, and don’t forget the professional photographer can only be in one place at a time and it’s perfectly acceptable for him or her to miss some moments – that’s where your guests photographs become invaluable.

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If you are worried about your wedding appearing on Instagram and Facebook before you’ve seen the pictures and then imply ask your guests, (your friends and family BTW), not to post them until you’ve seen them. And if you’re worried about people getting in the way of the photographer, remind them that you’ve hired a pro photographer, politely asking them to let him or her do their job.

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Guess what, you’ve got one less thing to be uptight about on your wedding day. If you were keen on an unplugged wedding and still want to ban something, ban people from taking pictures with their iPads, I’ve always thought that those lunatics using iPads as cameras look ridiculous –why the hell do they have tablets and not smart phones anyway?


Photographs by Paul Tschornow: www.tschornowphotography.com