August 7th, 2014


Part 2 of the Off To Wed wed fest, festival wedding series takes a floral feel with help from Wild About Flowers’ Rosa Sherwood as she explains how floral headbands can offer a little festival chic to your wedding day.

There’s no denying that even before you are engaged, and for the real wedding enthusiasts, (we know you are out there!) even before you have found your partner, thoughts of weddings will run through your mind on more occasions than one. As soon as ‘he puts a ring on it’ that’s when you are officially allowed to think about weddings all day, every day. This is when all the fun and excitement happens- we can leave out the stressful bits for now! Many brides will have an idea firm in their mind of what they want their wedding to look like, but others will need a little help and inspiration. Magazines are the perfect place to find ideas for the big day. Creating an old fashioned mood board with paper cuttings is an excellent way for you bring together and scope your ideas. Issues you look through do not necessarily have to be current, as many of the greatest trends return year after year, so looking through older issues can be just as beneficial. And it’s not just wedding magazines that can inspire you, fashion and interior magazines are full of the latest trends and will have lots of ideas you can borrow for your big day. If you have the luxury of time and your wedding is being planned over a year in advance, it is always a good idea to browse magazines, shop windows and especially your local florist for trends, colours and flowers that are being used during the month of your wedding. This will give you an insight to what is available and what works well at that time of year. Florists will always advise you to stay seasonal if possible, although we are able to source flowers out of season, they are always looking their best and are better priced when they are in season.


Once a theme has been decided this is when all the ideas begin to flow and you can really get creative. The wedding industry is becoming more innovative than ever, meaning there is no limit to what you can have. The time of year can have a huge influence on your theme, from a winter wonderland December wedding, to a pastel palette Spring wedding, the season (and weather) can be a deciding factor. Enjoying the midst of the summer seasons, although not always guaranteed sun; June, July and August still remain popular months for couples to tie the knot. Although we are seeing many different themes and trends this year, we think there is a strong contender outdoing them all. Although Glastonbury has been and gone, we think Festival Fever is the biggest inspiration this year and is inspiring many brides to bring the great outdoor camping vibe to their very own ceremony for a fun filled relaxed day. There are many different options to help bring a festival feel to your wedding, taking the theme as little or as far as you wish.


Marquee’s and converted barns are a popular choice for informal festival styled weddings, and for those who are lucky enough to get the weather, a complete alfresco ceremony and reception is a great idea. If you are one of the not so lucky ones, or like to live life on the safer side then there are many ways you can bring the outside indoors for your special day. An informal outdoor affair needn’t mean minimal flowers and there are many options available for you to create your festival style, with flowers being the perfect finishing touch helping to tie your theme together. Cute jam jars filled with freshly picked flowers will give your guests that country vibe. Depending on the style and layout of your tables they can work well as both table and window decorations. For round tables groups of three can be effective and avoid a single jar looking lost. Floral garlands can give your venue instant festival impact, if there is a doorway or entrance to your venue, make sure it’s covered in flowers. Keeping it plain and simple, Ivy garlands can be a good alternative and can also help to keep your costs down. Use fresh foliage throughout your venue, filling window sills, table tops and anywhere it can create an outdoor essence. Moss is also a great natural resource you can use in the same way, or even in your jam jar containers taking the theme that little bit further. You cannot go to a festival without seeing one and this year they have really taken off with so many different designs available. We think the real head turning (ironically) for a festival wedding has to be a floral head piece. Combining flowers in your hair will always help to create a country outdoor feel. Opt for a few heads embedded in your hair or make a statement with a floral head band. Whether you choose to use this for yourself or your Bridesmaids it will be sure to make a statement and scream “festival fever” to your guests.


You can choose to be bright and bold and use the hot colours of summer with big blooms and a touch of glam or tone it down with soft pastel shades in smaller flower heads; a floral headpiece can be matched to your wedding style, and choice of colours. If you are inspired to create a festival themed wedding, or have your own creative theme in mind, please get in touch. We love bringing a wedding to life, and making your day special.

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Words: Rosa Sherwood, Wild About Flowers
Photographs by Tschornow