August 6th, 2015

Wedding Balllons

Balloons are the ultimate party accessory and a wedding is the party of all parties, a super-party, which must mean that balloons are the ultimate wedding accessory, right?

On the other hand, you might think that balloons have a whiff of a child’s birthday party about them, and if done badly I have to agree with you, which is why I want you to get it right. When it comes to naff wedding suppliers there are a lot of companies out there that churn out really dreadful looking wedding accessories. Those people that cover chairs, old fashioned caterers and yes some of the people that supply balloons are usually contenders for the awful wedding supplier award. However, there are some great suppliers out there, it’s just a case of finding them – forget the high street and think Etsy.

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You might remember that the real wedding photographed by Darren Gair featured balloons that were let into the air containing a note for the finder. As a surprise, the best man had organised some helium filled balloons as a gift to the bride & groom, Lisa and Frank. All of the balloons had a note on them to the person who found them. This is such a great addition to the wedding in so many ways. Anything that gets all the guests together for a shared activity adds excitement but the fact that people who found the notes attached to these balloons actually took the time to respond to Lisa & Frank with kind wishes prolongs the magic. And the fact that the best man surprised the bride and groom makes this extra special.

Whatever you do with your balloons, whether sending them on a journey like a message in a bottle or just decorating the room, my advice is to have a shop around to find something with style.

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