June 27th, 2015


So you might have our blog post, NO KIDS ALLOWED, which as you might expect, discussed the merits of not inviting children to your wedding. Well this blog is where I make the case for inviting dogs to the wedding.

I know how ridiculous it sounds, to discourage children from a wedding but invite pets. Not all pets, just dogs. Why not, dogs go everywhere, gastro pubs and some hotels are very accommodating when it comes to man’s best friend. There should be a limit to the amount of dogs allowed at any particular wedding, and in actual fact, the invitation should probably be reserved to the bride and groom’s dog, or possibly the family hound.

The truth is that most dogs are well trained and therefore well behaved – better behaved than a lot of children that you’re likely to meet at a wedding. Although, having said that, you probably won’t have to keep an eye on where the child is doing his or her doings – if you know what I mean!

But when a dog looks as good as this little fella, Benny the Pug, first seen in the Real Wedding shot by Paola De Paola Photography, it’s hard not to invite him. I mean would you just look at him, he’s really made an effort in his bow tie and dinner jacket, he’s obviously taken a few tips from Menswear Dog, or maybe even Frank from Men in Black 3.


So what I’m saying is that it’s okay for the bride and groom to bring a dog to a wedding, although I’d suggest that small and/or lazy dogs make the best wedding guests. You’re also going to need to find a canine that’s well trained because you don’t want to spend the day picking up a different kind of wedding present.

Finally, have fun dressing the dog up be warned there’s always a risk of being upstaged by a dog so maybe don’t make too much of an effort.