November 10th, 2016


You know when you have those moments when you need a little inspiration in your life? Well that was me last week. The nights were getting longer and the temperature had dropped so I had two choices, hide away from the world and hibernate until the cold and dark had passed or find a way to embrace the season.


So embrace the season it was. Off I went looking for long time friend of Off To Wed, floral designers and wedding florists Wild About Flowers. The question I had for them was simply, ‘what’s in season’ and they whipped up some flowers and accessories that are in season and look great.


As you can see I whipped out my camera and took a few snaps for you to help you decide what flowers are in season this time of year so if you’re getting married this time next year this is the blog post for you. If not enjoy the pictures but you might get a few last minute accessory ideas.


One of the things that I absolutely love about Wild About Flowers is there sense of taste and you’ll notice that with these simple accessories. Little cooper wire baskets and cute glass bottles are so much more stylish and table covered in scatter crystals or flowers in gold fish bowls.


So have a look and see what you think. Happy planning girls and boys.

autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-45 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-46 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-1 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-2 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-4 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-9 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-13 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-14 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-15 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-20 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-25 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-27 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-29 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-32 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-36 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-37 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-42 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-52 autumn-winter-wedding-flowers-54


Photography by Paul Tschornow (Tschornow Photography)