May 20th, 2015

The Wedding Mixtape

There’s nothing more romantic than a mix tape. The mix tape is, or at least was, the best way to express your feelings for the love of your life (seriously), so why not have a wedding mix tape.

After graduating from pulling a girl’s ponytail, boys progressed to making mix tapes to express their affection for a girl. Serenading went out the window with the arrival of the ASBO, standing outside a girl’s bedroom window singing is only going to get a man arrested. Poetry is a bit cheesy really. It’s one thing to write a poem, it’s another thing altogether to read it and worse still is having a poem read to you – you have to sit politely, wearing an awkward smile as the red faced lothario stumbles over his random rhymes.

So where does that leave us, the mix tape, of course. Alright, ok, I know that things have moved on since the days of cassette but the mix tape has managed to survive the evolution of formats. Unlike the love letter which has struggled to survive the rise in digital technology. A love email isn’t quite the same is it? The mix CD or Spotify playlist don’t seem to have the same ring to them so we’re sticking with the term mix tape but whatever you call it, it’s a winner.


So with the customary wedding gift and card from the groom on the day of the wedding, wouldn’t it be great if he included a wedding day mix for you. However he does it; CD, USB stick or whatever, it doesn’t matter. It would just be so amazing to get ready listening to the tunes he’s picked for you. What an exciting way to prepare for your wedding , the bridal prep accompanied by the soundtrack to your love affair, the song you fist kissed to, or the track playing on the radio when he proposed.

It sounds lovely but unfortunately, your man might need a little hint here or there if you’re going to get this little treat on your wedding day. You could just come out and say it, be brazen and demand a wedding mix tape or you could try and be subtle (ish), drop a few hints or simply share this blog post with him.


Now that you’ve read that, read this…