December 15th, 2014

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After months of wedding planning, you’ll find yourself lying in bed, eyes wide open struggling to fall asleep as your wedding awaits the very next day. There’s very little that a bride can do about getting some shut-eye – knowing that you’re due to be a bride the very next day will just be too exciting. Here are Off To Wed’s top three tips to help you stay calm.


Hire help

With zero sleep and adrenaline running at an all time high, how do you approach staying calm on your wedding day? The first step is thinking about what it is that you’re worried about. While the groom’s worries centre on the bride failing to turn up and being left at the alter, the bride’s main concerns are about the details to ensure a perfect wedding.

You’ve planned your wedding to perfection so it’s unlikely that anything can go wrong but to save you from worrying about the logistics, you should recruit help to manage the activities on the day. Ask someone to check in with the suppliers and feed-back to you or the groom. Rather than chasing around making sure that the flowers have been delivered or that the photographer is on the way, let somebody else do it for you. The ushers are the perfect candidates as it doesn’t take them long to get ready and without a little direction they’ll simply mill about in a nice suit. Oh yea, and they’re free.


Have a drink, or two

A little Dutch courage will help calm the nerves, so a little tipple will keep you relaxed during the wedding prep. Champagne and Prosecco are a big part of the wedding tradition but remember that while a little alcohol will keep you calm, a lot of alcohol might send you the other way. Pace yourself and make sure that you drink plenty of water to ensure you’re hydrated and feeling fresh.


Be prepared

There probably isn’t much chance of you sleeping through your alarm so there will be plenty of time to get ready but think about the process involved with getting you into your dream dress. The excitement of getting married means it’s easy to get carried away and make some rookie mistakes that will cause you stress along the way, such as having to cut yourself out of your bedclothes.

Lots of brides have a pre-wedding outfit to wear while getting ready, it helps create a positive mood. Great idea but make sure this outfit is easy to remove, whatever you do don’t get ‘bride to be’ t-shirts made up – you wouldn’t be the first bride reduced to tears upon realising that removing a branded T is going to kill the perfectly sculpted hair and make-up.

So while lying in bed the night before the wedding make a check list of things that need to be considered ahead of time and your bridal preparations will go swimmingly.

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