May 23rd, 2016

Pegged Polaroids

How much does it cost to hire a wedding photo booth and are they worth the money?

Wedding photo booths are super popular these days but I started wondering if they’re value for money. Upon hearing the cost, my initial thought was that a Polaroid camera would be a much better investment, which is the reason for this blog post. Lets see if a photo booth is worth the money.

One thing that makes a wedding an enjoyable wedding is having stuff to do. As the bride and groom you’ve got loads of stuff to do, speaking to people, having photographs, exchanging rings and all that will keep you busy for most of the day. Actually, you’ll be so busy you won’t notice the passing of time and before you know it, it’s gone midnight and your both trying to figure out the quickest way to free yourself from the wedding dress.

However, the guests don’t have as much stuff to do, which is why you need to keep them entertained and a photo booth is one way to do it. Photo booths come with a whole heap of silly wigs, feather boas and assortment of hats for people to mess about with. Drunk adults and children absolutely love getting involved about with this ‘stuff’.

As I said earlier, the cost of a photo booth strikes me as a little expensive. Coming in at around £600, personally I’d rather spend put that money towards a more expensive wedding photographer or a better album rather than blow it on pictures that will probably get lost before the wedding is over. A Polaroid camera is a fun alternative and much cheaper. Polaroid film isn’t cheap at £15 for a pack of 8 photographs from ebay, but buy 10 packs, plus a camera for £180 from Urban Outfitters, and spend £40 on wigs and ‘stuff’ and you’ve saved £300.

The benefit of hiring a photo both is that you don’t need to go through the hassle of buying the photographic paraphernalia or taking it home with you the day after the wedding. But if you do hire a photo booth ask them to clean the props before your wedding. After a bunch of drunk wedding guests have finished clowning around in purple wigs, fake moustaches and feather boas they can smell a bit sweaty.


Photography Credits

Main photograph thanks to Jack Davolio first seen in Abhiti & Phillip’s real wedding blog post.
Thanks to Urban Outfitters for the Polaroid camera images.