August 18th, 2016

Wedding Rings n Tings

I don’t suppose I’m breaking any secrets by saying that wedding rings are a pretty important part of the day. Legally you don’t actually need a ring to get married but when it comes to the ceremony their significance is huge.

So with the rings being such an important part of the wedding and incredibly symbolic, it’s amazing how laissez-faire brides and grooms are about who they leave in charge of them. First, it’s the turn of the best man! Of course not every best man is a disorganised buffoon that can’t be trusted to change his underwear never mind take responsibility for wedding rings, some of them are much more trustworthy. Even if you do have a good one, the best man can be a little distracted by the forthcoming speech that he’s terrified about giving. Yet between the disorganised best man who’s lucky to even have any friends, to being in such a position of responsibility, to the best man that’s preoccupied by fear, I’ve never seen the ring fail to arrive at the church on time. It seems that every wedding related romcom that I’ve ever seen must have been a lie.

Next up, it’s the turn of somebody you barely know to be trusted with the rings. As you sit enjoying the wonderful food being served at your wedding breakfast your wedding photographer will ask to borrow the rings and you let him or her wander off with the most precious symbol that you have to signify your married union. It’s worth it, they usually manage to take some pretty cool pictures of your rings that you’ll cherish when you see them in the album. Again, in all the weddings I’ve attended (and I’ve been to a lot), I have never seen this go wrong. Besides, you’re insured, aren’t you!?

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Photographs by Paul T-schor-now