February 15th, 2015


Some people want a traditional wedding, others want to break from tradition and do something different. The problem is that there are so many traditions it is very difficult to either break or follow them all but cutting the cake is one that most people follow.

I’ve said before, I love cake and especially wedding cake so you won’t hear any complaints coming from my direction about this wedding tradition, but come on, when would you ever be invited to eat cake immediately after a round of canapés and a three course meal – diabetes ahoy.

When asked what you got for your wedding you can reply, “the usual kettle, toaster, a dinner set, oh and a gastric band”. Having said that I don’t know if I could attend a wedding that doesn’t have cake.

One of the traditions associated with the wedding cake is ‘stacking’. This comes from a time when the cakes were stacked as high as possible and the bride and groom had to step up to the challenge of kissing over the top of the cake without the knocking it over, if successful they were guaranteed a prosperous life together.

These days the stack is more for aesthetic purposes than part of wedding gauntlet. Rather than going for the biggest baddest cake you can find, look for something that suits your taste, sometimes a smaller cake can be more elegant or you might choose to replace some of your tiers with cupcakes.

So the question is how much cake do you need? If you order enough cake for one slice per person you’ll probably still have some left over but on the other hand, when I’m a guest I want to get my hands on a big old slice of cake.

Thanks to Hannalicious Bespoke Cakes for these pictures. These stunning designs are making my mouth water, they look delicious. With cake this beautiful you might find that your guests won’t struggle to make room for it, even after three courses and a heap of canapés.

Hannalicious30 Hannalicious39 Hannalicious Hannalicious42