September 30th, 2015

When to buy the dress

One Off To Wed reader asked when she should buy her wedding dress – this blog post will answer this question.

Question: My boyfriend recently proposed and we can’t wait to get married, we don’t want a long engagement so we’ve already started looking at venues to see what availability they have but how long do we need to factor for buying the wedding dress?

Answer: Congratulations, there’s plenty of work to do but it doesn’t need to be difficult, crack on and you should have your wedding planned in no time at all. Have a look at this wedding checklist for a break down of the wedding planning to do list.

The wedding dress and the venue are the first things that most brides start to shop. You’re right that the venue depends on availability, when it comes to the frock I’d recommend giving yourself 9 months to a year for buying your wedding dress. You can probably buy a dress slightly quicker but I would say that 9 months is a comfortable amount of time to buy a dress – stress free.


9 – 12 months to go: Start making appointments with bridal boutiques. Once you’ve found your gown it will be ordered and made to measure, this can be a lengthy process.

3 months to go: The dress should be finished and waiting for you at the boutique, now’s the time to enquire about the progress if you haven’t heard anything for a while, and schedule your first fitting for about 1 month from now.

2 months to go: Any dieting and fitness routines need to level out here, once you’ve had your first fitting try and hold your weight until the wedding.

1 month to go: Your second and final fitting – this is such an exciting day because it’s when you try on your dress for the final time, fitted to perfection.

A few days before the wedding: Collect the dress. It’s not a good idea to pick up the dress too soon before your wedding day, it’s a big item to store safely (without creasing, snagging or staining) and you’ll probably need to ask a friend or family member to keep the dress to make sure that your soon to be husband doesn’t see it.