October 19th, 2015

White Wedding Teeth

Right lets get straight into it. You need white teeth on your wedding day.

You don’t need to go nuts about it, attending your wedding with a set of glow in the dark gnashers that look like they belong to some b-list American soap actor. Just get rid of the yellow. I’m not promoting body obsessions, brides need to keep a grip on reality rather than becoming too image conscious but having nice white teeth on your wedding day will help you relax in front of your photographer.

If you look after your teeth you should be fine, just book an appointment with a hygienist in the week before the wedding. If you think that your teeth are going to need a little bit more love to get them looking a nice and white then you might want to consider having them whitened but if you are, for god’s sake do it professionally. There are a whole heap of crazy DIY routes that you can take, using things like baking soda and similar products but don’t mess about, speak to your dentist and see if he or she can either perform the whitening or recommend a reputable company.

Wedding White Teeth Coffee & Cigaretts

Again, if you do have good teeth don’t rush out to the dentist, instead, you can manage your diet to avoid food and drinks that might stain your teeth, such as; red wine, tea & coffee and even health foods like dark fruits like the super blueberries. Oh and cigarettes – another good reason to kick the habit.